What I’m Reading: John Tall Wolf Series

Once upon a time, a Native American girl became pregnant by an unsuitable man, and she was forced by her horrible grandmother to kill her baby. The child was placed on a wooden stand in a hot and sunny place, and Coyote prowled nearby… waiting. And that’s why John Tall Wolf has to wear sunglasses most of the time, because before he was rescued by his adoptive parents, a professor and a bruja (witch), his eyes were damaged by the sun.

A Coyote is a shape-shifting demon, and that’s who/what John suspects his boss at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Marlene Flower Moon, is. Wait, isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing to call Native Americans? Go figure. Not that John puts up with much bossing from Marlene – he’d much prefer she get promoted far, far away, because she’s still stalking him and trying to seduce him.

Tall Man

Tall Man in Ray-Bans

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What I’m Reading: Marty Singer Mysteries

Once in a great while, I read a book – which in itself is an accomplishment, since a lot of books don’t catch my interest in the first few pages and get dumped. Sometimes something interesting happens., as I start to care about the main character, and after that I can’t stop caring and wanting to see what happens next. Marty Singer is that kind of character. Bonus: well-written books with interesting plots, and imperfect, three-dimensional characters.

The first in the series of 6 books is A Reason to Live, and that’s exactly what it’s about.

A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live

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What I’m Reading: Hawg Heaven Cozy Mysteries

Just when I thought Summer Prescott might be running out of words, I discovered the Hawg Heaven series of culinary cozy mysteries. I’m wondering if she’s either really a robot, or several people? Can’t be, the books are all too much fun to read!

These mysteries center on a military widow whose husband was killed in the line of duty. She goes back to her childhood home with her son, buys an old building, and starts an eatery called Hawg Heaven with lots of scrumptious pork and bacon dishes. Everything goes great until a dead body turns up and scary characters threaten her.

Hawg Heaven

Patriot’s Passing

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What I’m Reading: Key West Cozy Mysteries

As promised, more Summer Prescott books! It looks like this series was written in between the Frosted Love books, and there are 8 in the set. A few characters cross over from other series, notably “creepy neighbor” Tim.

The first book is A Lime to Kill.

Lime Kill

Lime Die

Book #8 is Live and Lime Die.

Of course the plots center around murder and Key Lime pie (one of my favorite pie flavors). The books are fun to read, and fill the daily cozy requirement. As usual, I like Summer’s books and recommend them, especially if you are 1.) a murder mystery fan, 2.) a cozy fan, or 3.) a pie fan.

Key Lime forever!

What I’m Reading: Code Name Scorpion

I used to live in Newburg, Oregon. I’m LDS/Mormon, and while I was there I met Donna Gustainis Fuller at church. I remember Donna mostly for her sweet personality and dazzling smile (plus I think I remember some cookies). I haven’t seen her in years, but we are Facebook friends, so we can keep track of each other. I had NO idea she could write, so it came as a complete surprise when I saw her posting about her first book, A Strand of Doubt. Well, of course I bought it and read it – it’s a policy of mine to read books written by and watch movies with friends/family in them.

I was surprised again when it turned out to be an excellent book! When people find out I write and publish books myself, they have a tendency to try to get me to read their books, which I usually do, and most of them are, shall I say, not all that good? I find myself looking for an adjective that satisfies them without hurting their feelings (“Your book/concept was so unusual/interesting”). A few of my friends are really good writers, and Donna is one of them. I just read her second novel, Code Name Scorpion, and I like it even more than the first one, which is saying a lot. I basically picked it up and couldn’t stop reading.

41SD5S9hk9L     41VjEU6CWKL

A Strand of Doubt                    Code Name Scorpion

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