What I’m Reading: Senoia Cove Mysteries

When I binge-read an entire series and find myself impatiently waiting for the next installment, that’s when I need to tell others about the books. Now, we may or may not have the same taste in reading material, but good writing is still something to talk about. This series is well-written and has characters I’ve come to care about. The main mystery-solver is Felicity, who wanted to be an investigative journalist but finds herself planning parties instead. Actually, she likes it so much and is so good at it that she’s a great success.

And yet… that investigator part of her can’t be denied, so when the police arrest her friend for a murder, she doesn’t buy it, and she feels compelled to solve the case herself.


Dying for a Drive

Felicity has a business partner, Jefferson – who’s in love with her – and a bunch of friends who help her in her endeavors. In this first book, there’s a man with a classic car who comes to sell it, but never leaves the quiet little town of Senoia. Who killed him? The police think it was Felicity’s friend, but we know better. Go along for the ride as she solves this mystery!

So far there are seven books in this series by Susan Harper, and they are all available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited. I’m hoping there will be more.

(Usually I put the author’s pic here,
but no image was available.
Maybe Susan doesn’t have a face?)

More, please!

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