What I’m Reading: Stake Night and Show Time

I forgot more than most people will ever know about… horses. For somebody who isn’t a pro, I’ve experienced and learned quite a bit. I started out riding Western style and finished up riding over [low] fences with English tack. I read every Black Stallion book as a kid, and as soon as I got the opportunity, I took horseback riding classes to fill my P.E. credits in college. I read any good horsie story I could get my hands on. I owned several horses and trained a few. I’d still be riding, but my horse allergy became too extreme to ignore any longer.

Imagine my delight when I found these two books by Susan Archer about the Saddlebred horse show industry – which I only knew a little bit about.

Stake Night

Stake Night

The first book covers a year in the life of several characters, stables, and horses in the Saddlebred industry. In case you didn’t know, Saddlebreds are the high stepping glamour equines of the “horse America made,” dating back to riding horses of the Revolution. The breed registry dates from 1891.


The second book continues the stories told in the first, and brings them to satisfying conclusions – including the villain getting what he deserves.

Show Time

Show Time

To understand and enjoy these books, I recommend you be at least a little horse-crazy. I more than qualify, having been afflicted for most of my life. The plots are complex and the books are on the long side. Personally, I loved them and recommend them to all horse-crazy humans. Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Horse crazy? Try these!

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