What I’m Reading: Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries

Do you like ghost stories? If you do, then you ought to give this series a chance. There are 19 of these paranormal mysteries to sink your teeth into, and the plots are good enough that if it weren’t for most of Mary’s clients being dead, they’d still be good books. The first of the series is Loose Ends. In it, Mary, a former Chicago policewoman, is asked to find out why a ghost is appearing to a Senator’s wife. How do you use evidence that a ghost gave you in court? It’s a sticky problem.

Terri Reid 1

Loose Ends

I’m still reading the books and have progressed to book 16, but I plan to read them all. The last book is Old Acquaintance.

Terri Reid 19

Old Acquaintance

Mary has been able to see and speak to ghosts since she died and was given the choice whether to go ahead, or to go back. She came back, and she believes it’s her mission to help spirits with their issues so they can pass on into the light. Some don’t even comprehend that they’re dead. Some stick around until their murders are solved. In Book 16, Mary and Bradley (the police chief) are married, and Mary is expecting to give birth any day. Their best friends are an older couple, a Scottish paranormal investigator, and a ghost named Mike who is in love with Mary. They have a daughter, Clarissa (Bradley’s, from his murdered first wife), whose best friend can also see ghosts.

I love the books, but I can’t say the same for the book covers. Every one has a black and white photo of a creepy old tree, with a creepy typeface for the title. Sometimes the wording is hard to read, and 19 book covers like this are boring, to say the least. In spite of my problems with the covers, I highly recommend the books.

Here’s Terri Reid, the author


Happy ghost hunting!

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