What I’m Reading: John Tall Wolf Series

Once upon a time, a Native American girl became pregnant by an unsuitable man, and she was forced by her horrible grandmother to kill her baby. The child was placed on a wooden stand in a hot and sunny place, and Coyote prowled nearby… waiting. And that’s why John Tall Wolf has to wear sunglasses most of the time, because before he was rescued by his adoptive parents, a professor and a bruja (witch), his eyes were damaged by the sun.

A Coyote is a shape-shifting demon, and that’s who/what John suspects his boss at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Marlene Flower Moon, is. Wait, isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing to call Native Americans? Go figure. Not that John puts up with much bossing from Marlene – he’d much prefer she get promoted far, far away, because she’s still stalking him and trying to seduce him.

Tall Man

Tall Man in Ray-Bans

This is a great series by Joseph Flynn, who has authored many other mystery/thriller books. I especially like this 4-book set because the Native American background is interesting, and apparently I like tall guys. John outwits Marlene and solves the mysteries, making her look good and catching the bad people. Three other books complete the set: War Party, Super Chief, and Smoke Signals.

Tall Man 2  Tall Man 3  Tall Man 4

As the series progresses, more is revealed about John and Marlene. Marlene never gets John, but she gets other things she wants. I recommend reading the whole set, in order, to get the full story.


Joseph Flynn

Ray-Bans are sexy.


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