What I’m Reading: Marty Singer Mysteries

Once in a great while, I read a book – which in itself is an accomplishment, since a lot of books don’t catch my interest in the first few pages and get dumped. Sometimes something interesting happens., as I start to care about the main character, and after that I can’t stop caring and wanting to see what happens next. Marty Singer is that kind of character. Bonus: well-written books with interesting plots, and imperfect, three-dimensional characters.

The first in the series of 6 books is A Reason to Live, and that’s exactly what it’s about.

A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live

Marty needs a reason to live, because his life is on the line. He’s retired as a DC cop because he has cancer. He’s alone and feeling sick and useless, when the daughter of a homicide victim from the past calls him, begging for help. Marty meets with her and finds out that the murderer of the girl’s mother – who walked – has been stalking her because she was a witness to the crime as a child.

Even though Marty feels horrible, he feels even worse that he couldn’t put the guy in prison and now an innocent person is in danger. Marty braves chemo and evil as he tries to put the perp away where he belongs. Marty doesn’t understand at first that you don’t just drive yourself home after a treatment, and he’s forced to accept help from his client. Reading the first book reminded me of taking my late husband to cancer treatments, so I have a personal connection to the character.

I recommend reading this entire series, available in both Kindle and print versions.


Author Matthew Iden

A Reason to Read!

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