What I’m Reading: Hawg Heaven Cozy Mysteries

Just when I thought Summer Prescott might be running out of words, I discovered the Hawg Heaven series of culinary cozy mysteries. I’m wondering if she’s either really a robot, or several people? Can’t be, the books are all too much fun to read!

These mysteries center on a military widow whose husband was killed in the line of duty. She goes back to her childhood home with her son, buys an old building, and starts an eatery called Hawg Heaven with lots of scrumptious pork and bacon dishes. Everything goes great until a dead body turns up and scary characters threaten her.

Hawg Heaven

Patriot’s Passing

This series has five books, and I want more, because the last one had a great twist at the end with a crossover character from her other books, and I want to read more about him!


Twists and Tears

All the books are available in print and Kindle forms.

Ever wonder what Summer looks like? Well, the last picture I found was of a pretty cupcake, but I think this time I got her real likeness!


She’s just a little bit hairy…

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