What I’m Reading: Beneath a Scarlet Sky

In describing this book, only superlatives come to mind: fascinating, amazing, affecting, wonderful, fabulous, incredible, beautiful, etc. You won’t truly understand, however, unless you read it yourself. The book is based on the true story of teenager Pino Lella, an Italian youth who comes of age in World War II Italy. It is the tale of a real forgotten hero.

Scarlet Sky

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Pino is a normal teenager, obsessed with girls, until he meets Anna, an older widow. He’s indifferent to the War, until his hometown of Milan is bombed. He’s just a kid, until he is recruited to save Jews. He’s forced by his parents to enlist as a German soldier, and after being injured, he becomes the driver for the top Nazi in Italy. Of course, he becomes a spy for the Allies and prevents many disasters. Pino does all he can to support the resistance, even enduring the insults of those who don’t know what he’s really doing.

The author, Mark Sullivan, did many interviews with Pino himself, and people who were there. At the end, Pino still suffers over his losses and mourns his Anna. Very highly rated and a best seller, this book is available in multiple formats and can be borrowed for free with Kindle Unlimited.


Mark Sullivan

Highest recommendations!

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