What I’m Reading: The INNcredibly Sweet Cozy Mysteries

Believe it or not (after that last post about the 32-book series), Summer Prescott has produced yet another cozy mystery series. Chas and Missy and the gang continue their adventures in Calgon at the inn and cupcake shop in this 15 or 16 book series, depending on whether a 12th book shows up. The first book is Irish Creme Killer. Characters from the Frosted Love series appear in this series also, so if you’re a fan of Spencer (my personal fave), Izzy, Tim, Echo, or the others, you’ll get to read more about them, too.


Irish Creme Killer

The series continues (accidentally skipping Book 12?) until we reach the 16th book, Blue Suede Killer, with Elvis impersonators. Of course.


Blue Suede Killer

Summer Prescott has continued on and on like the Energizer bunny, so for a couple more posts I’ll be reviewing some more of her books. She writes almost as fast as I can read! She also publishes books by other authors. Here is her picture, from her Facebook page.


Haha! Strange-looking woman, isn’t she?

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