What I’m Reading: The Shopkeeper

A few months ago, I struck gold. Not literally, but literarily. I like that word I just made up, because it applies to a series of western novels I started reading about a shopkeeper transplanted from New York City to the wild, wild west. This particular shopkeeper seems to run into the most wicked villains and make the best friends. He also falls in love with the wrong woman in this first book of the series. Not an ordinary shopkeeper!


The Shopkeeper

The thing about Steve Dancy is, he’s a different sort of shopkeeper. First of all, he’s rich. Secondly, it was a gun shop, and Steve is a gunsmith and a very quick and accurate shot (though he never shot an actual person before). Steve is also extraordinarily intelligent and a savvy businessman. Adding to those advantages are his friends, one of whom is a wealthy and influential rancher, and another who is a Pinkerton agent.

This series is comprised of six books, and I’ve read the first three so far. I’m completely hooked, and will be reading the others shortly. The books are all available in both print and Kindle form, and can be read with Kindle Unlimited. James D. Best is one of my new  favorite authors. I highly recommend this well-written and entertaining series!

What I’m Reading!

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