What I’m Listening To: Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton is, to put it simply, totally awesome! She has to be a genius, or at least a savant. She’s a great illustrator and writer, but she can write music too. It’s beautiful, funny music, and it’s written for children. Since I feel like I need an excuse to buy it, I use my grandchildren. I’m the one who listens the most, though. Sandra has written and illustrated lots and lots of board books, but I love her music books and CDs the best. The latest one is “Frog Trouble.”

Frog Trouble

Frog Trouble

One of my grandsons regularly asks me to “read” Frog Trouble to him – he means he wants me to sing the songs. I have the CD as backup, though. The books come with the CDs tucked inside the cover. This one has some great artists singing country songs, such as my favorites: Alison Krauss singing beautiful soprano on “End of a Summer Storm”  and Darius Rucker crooning “Beautiful Baby.”

Boynton’s book/cd sets are collaborations with Michael Ford. Note: Boynton and Ford have produced 3 gold records! Earlier sets have just one artist, but later ones have various artists doing different musical styles. One of my faves is Blue Moo, which is done in classic rock-and-roll style. It has Sha Na Na doing the Gorilla Song, which I liked to sing in the LDS Primary Nursery every time the kids got bananas for a snack. They both liked it and thought I was nuts. Also included are the impossibly cute Davy Jones singing Your Personal PenguinGerry and the Pacemakers  with Mersey Lullaby, and Brian Wilson doing 10-part harmony (I assume with himself?) on Speed Turtle – awesome!

You can check out Sandra Boynton’s website and her Facebook page, which I stole this nice photo from. Don’t sue me? She also does greeting cards, calendars, T-shirts, mugs…. did I forget anything? Probably.


I recommend absolutely everything she has ever done!

P.S. I hear there’s another set coming out this fall!
I can hardly wait!
Can you tell I’m excited? Aaaah!

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