What I’m Reading: The Magnolia Story

There’a a couple on HGTV that I love (besides the cute and tall Property Brothers), and they just wrote a book. I love their banter, her designs, and his goofiness. I love that they are unashamedly religious and have four adorable kids. I love that he brings home miscellaneous animals all the time and she goes with it. I love that they frequently express love for each other and their family. I love their show, Fixer Upper (used to be available on Netflix, now can be seen on Amazon Prime). They are without a doubt one of the most-loved couples in the USA.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a great story, and they put it into a wonderful book, The Magnolia Story. I saw this book on Amazon and got it for my daughter for Christmas. She loved it, too; she even reviewed it on her new blog, simplyrosalie.


The Magnolia Story

This is not a picture book, but the story of Chip and Joanna, with some pictures included. There’s way more to their story than a TV show, though that’s how most of us know them.

For one thing, the people you see on that show are the real thing, WYSIWYG. Chip really is impulsive and crazy, and Joanna really is a sweet design genius. They are both self-taught entrepreneurs. This book portrays them as they are, in their own words, and I gained respect for them as I read. The book describes their going out on a limb time after time, exercising their faith in God, and being blessed. I can’t recommend this book enough! It is entertaining, interesting, and inspiring.

Yes, Chip really did eat a cockroach.

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