What I’m Reading: Are You Normal?

I love this book! I love it so much I’ve purchased it three times. The first time, I took it to show my Psychology professor, and she asked to borrow it. I never got it back. The second time, I bought it again because I wanted to reference it for a talk I gave in church. Then I lost it in a move, so recently I bought it again… for the third time! That’s a record for me. The only other books I’ve bought so many times are books that I wear out or give away, like gifts, scriptures, and hymnbooks.

This book is both informative and funny, a great combination; I like learning something while being entertained.


Are You Normal? By Bernice Kanner

What amazed me when I read this book is that behavior I consider rude, sinful, or terrible is considered to be normal by many, if not most, people. For instance, a large percentage of people seem to think that there are only five or six commandments – the rest are totally outdated. I guess I’m an old fashioned stick-in-the-mud, but I’d rather be considered NOT normal. In fact, I NEVER want to be normal.

Besides being fun to read, I got lots of stuff to use in talks, presentations, and conversation. People I’ve shared this information with were shocked, wanted to borrow it, or thought it was hilarious.

This book is available new, used, and collectible.
It’s worth buying thrice.

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