What I’m Reading: The Gashleycrumb Tinies

I’ve only read a few things by Edward Gorey, but I’m a fan. I first fell in love with his work while watching the  PBS “Mystery!” series and marveling at the wonderful illustrations in the opening credits. The first book I purchased by Gorey was “The Gashleycrumb Tinies.” I say I’m a fan, but I think my four-year-old grandson is an even bigger one. He LOVES this book! We’ve read it so many times as a bedtime story, he has most of it memorized.


I’m showing the *genius* front and back covers of the book,
because this is what happens to the naughty children…

The Gashleycrumb Tinies

We change the story a little bit for him; I ask him what the child did wrong to end up dead. He says they didn’t mind their Mommy and Daddy when they did whatever they did to get into that untenable situation. When Titus “flew into bits,” it was because he didn’t have an adult check the package with the bomb in it. I know, not logical, but he likes to rehearse all the ways kids can get hurt when they don’t mind their parents…. There are worse things you could do when telling bedtime stories, and I think it’s funny that he likes the book so much. Beware: some people are shocked.. shocked, I tell you… when they see what you’re reading to your child.

Edward Gorey has a fascinatingly morbid and hilarious take on things. His illustrations are clever, adorable, and creepy at the same time. Just my thing. And my grandson’s. Amazon has dozens of books by Gorey, plus they have CALENDARS! I wish I had one, but I don’t need it – maybe next year….

Here’s to being clever, adorable, and creepy!

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