Miligero: What Does That Name Mean?

I know you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Many years ago my late husband and I decided we wanted to form a corporation for various reasons that escape me now. The corporation no longer exists, but I bought the domain name and have used it as an art portfolio website for years. When I decided I wanted to do [another] blog (the first one being, I moved my portfolio and used the Miligero domain for this blog. The name was my husband Clete’s idea.

I have either three or four children, depending on who I’m talking to and how much explaining I want to do. Before my three daughters there was a son. He was our first, and came after a couple of miscarriages. He was overdue and very big (21 inches and 9 lb. 4 oz.). I was in labor for the better part of 3 days, and finally he was born… he cried, and then everybody went into a flurry of frantic activity. He was declared dead about 15 minutes after birth. Apparently he had a condition that you can now give a simple shot for, but at that time it killed babies. His name was Mikhail.

My oldest daughter is named Liesl. She always liked all things German, so she lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband.

My middle daughter, Gelsey, has four children and lives in Oregon with her family.

I live in Tooele, Utah with my youngest daughter, Rosalie. She and her husband have two little boys that I love to babysit.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the name Miligero has the first two letters of each child’s name in the order of their birth: Mi-li-ge-ro. That’s it!



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