What I’m Reading: The Royal Institute of Magic

Hi Everybody,

I love to read, especially on my Kindle Fire. Did I mention that I read faster and enjoy it more when I use electronics? It’s true, and I resisted for a long time. I couldn’t imagine liking a device when I could hold a real book. Now, I look for Kindle books on Amazon first and try to find them available for checkout at my local library in Kindle form. A printed book is my last resort.

Sometimes printed books are better. For instance, when I teach a Primary lesson and need copies, it’s nice to have a physical book to hand to the librarian at church. Still, I usually print things off at home and don’t even use my lesson book; I only need the pictures. I also have a tendency to bring all my own crayons, glue, and scissors.

I recently read a series of books that I enjoyed very much. They are available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited. I should mention that I love to read books that are in a series. Waiting for the next book is one of the most suspenseful things ever! I’m also a bookworm couch potato computer nerd, so there’s that. I realize not everybody is excited by such things.

The book series by Victor Kloss is called the Royal Institute of Magic, and the first book is Elizabeth’s Legacy.


Elizabeth’s Legacy

Imagine that there are Unseen Kingdoms all around the world, and there are Dark Elves who want to overthrow both the Seen and the Unseen worlds. There are Guardians who have been given the responsibility to keep parts of Elizabeth’s Armour safe and use them to defeat the elves. Ben Greenwood’s parents are missing, and he has to live with his cranky grandmother. He and his best friend, Charlie, find a reference to the Institute and that’s when the adventure starts! Go with them on the Dragonway (with real dragons) to attend the Institute as apprentices. Ride along as they seek out each piece of the Armour and all the other guardians. Be amazed when Ben finds out he’s the Head Guardian and must save the world from the Dark Elves!

This has been such a fun series to read, and the last of the five books ended in such a way that I believe at least one more book is needed to finish the story. I can hardly wait! This series is for ages Youth through [Youthful] Adult.

Read on!
Glorianne Muggli





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