Why Blog in the First Place?

It’s hard to say, except I’m an avid reader and want to share what I read. I also want to share my art and some other things about me, my interests, etc.

This isn’t my first blog. I’ve been blogging for years about my business, Muggli Graphics. I write teaching aids books for the Latter-day Saints (Mormon) market and have been doing so for over 20 years. I’ve produced over 200 books, and have a website, gloriannemuggli.com, with dozens of free downloads available.

I love reading; making art; editing, illustrating, and writing books; needlework; babysitting grandkids and being a Grandma (the best reason to have children is because they might make you a grandparent!); and horseback riding. I do love to ride, but I’m allergic to horses and so far I don’t have a good solution that doesn’t raise my blood pressure except the nasty shots that may or may not work. I got to the point of jumping fences and figured I might as well give it up instead of being sick all the time, but if I find a horse I usually can’t resist at least visiting.

I do have some tips for readers today. I love books, how they feel, how they smell, that I can go to a library and find zillions of them to read for free. Even so, once I got my hands  on a Kindle and figured out how to pay little or nothing to read more books than I have time for, I hardly ever read a normal book. I even find myself tapping on the page to turn it – pretty lame, but funny.

Here’s how you too can read as much as you want and pay almost nothing: first, I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. I can read – check out – up to 10 Kindle books at a time for free. The subscription costs under $10 per month, but it’s a huge bargain if you read a lot, as the average price for a Kindle book is around $3.99. All you have to do is read maybe 3 books a month for it to be worth it. Books that are available in this program always have that designation on their page. When I publish a book on Amazon, I always make it available in the Kindle Unlimited program. You can make a list and save any books you want to read later into that list. When  you read any book and return it, you can find another one on your list and get it. I have so many books on my list I’ll be surprised if I ever read them all.

Second, you can search in the Kindle store for free books in any genre you choose, and you can purchase them for free. These aren’t always the best book, but sometimes they are – many times they are the first of a series and are excellent.

Third, you can join a service like BookBub and get notices for books on sale in any genres you choose. Many times the books are free. I get books faster than I can read them sometimes, and I’m a very fast reader. I find that when I read on my Kindle, I read faster than when I’m reading a “normal” book, possibly because I can tuck it into my bag and read in the checkout line if I want to!

And there you have it, my strategy for getting tons of (almost) free stuff. You’re welcome!






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